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Stentering Frame - the Montex stentering frame equipped with eight heating fields is one of the key elements of our modern machine pool.

This machine features state-of-the-art measurement and control technology.

It makes possible optimal processing of stretch-sensitive woven and knit fabrics.

Washing Machine - the open-width washing machine is a technically complex combination of spray and dwell chambers.

With a total of twelve chambers, the machine achieves optimal washing effects with minimal longitudinal tension. The complex control system ensures ideal water management.

Dyeing padder - A KKV dyeing padder is available for processing high-quality fabrics.

The machine is specially designed for stretch-sensitive woven and knit fabrics. It can be used for both dyeing and bleaching processes.

Peripheral equipment - In the area of the mechanical surface treatment of woven and knit fabrics, emstex offers a wide range of peripheral equipment.

This includes:

- Calendering
- Nap finishing and emerising
- Shearing and brushing
- Steaming & compacting
- Tumbling

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